” I love your poems. You hit the nails on the head. We will share them with our guests.” Les Feldick ( Angel Network  TV Show: Through the Bible with Les Feldick)

“I read your poetry with great interest and profit. You have a wonderful gift. It will be a blessing to many. Paul Powell (Former Dean of Baylor Seminary)

“Thank you for the recent collections of writings sent to us reflecting on which Church of the 10 churches might one be. You have such a talent for writing about God and His church. I read all of them and they are so moving and true.” Voice of the Martyrs Magazine

“Thank you for your recent gift of poetry to our Divinity School. It is always gratifying to see the many ways that God can use each of us to glorify His Kingdom. He has chosen to use you through your gift of verse. He has put the gift of poetry in your heart and mind. I am certain many will be blessed by your gift to him.”  Michael G. Cogdill, Dean & Professor of Campbell University Divinity School

“Debbie, your writing is a strong testimony of your love for the Lord Jesus and His church. We know that He will use your talent to bless many people and to enrich and encourage their worship. May the Lord Jesus bless you as you continue to keep your focus on Him and use your gifts for His glory.” AnGel Ministries

“Living in “the land of steeples” it is sometimes difficult to see ourselves as others see us. That is why I am grateful for the gentle yet propheic nature of Debbie Harris’ poetry. She throws velvet-covered bricks at the golden calves grazing undetected in many church foyers. Take some time to enter into these metered lines and allow God to challenge you to be the church He created us to be.”   Gary Brandenburg, Senior Pastor, Fellowship Dallas

 “Thank you for thinking to send your thought-provoking poems to me. I have been the person in several of those poems just entering the church, and thought you conveyed well the tumult of emotions that hurting people-borderlanders-often experience when they gather up the courage to go to church. The quiet unrelenting question-which church am I?-drove home the message I think all modern day churches need to hear.”  Philip Yancey

“What a gift you have. Your tender heart for the Lord comes through so clearly.” Precept Ministries

“Thank you very much for a number of your poems recently submitted to me. They surely show your love and devotion to God and His son, Jesus Christ. In addition, your commitment to fellowship through the church is very evident in your writings. I wish you well in your continued joyous expression of your faith and commitment through your gift of poetry.” R. Gerald Turner, President of Southern Methodist University

“Thank you for the poems you sent. The poems you sent are so challenging. Your servant’s heart reminds me again that it is a wonderful thing to be in God’s forever family, and to know that our bonds reach across the land. The following note from a teacher of God’s Word also reminds me of your desire to encourage others. “When my entire life is committed to God, it may have far-reaching effects that I cannot even imagine.”  Your life has and is having far-reaching effects. Keep going and keep writing. ” Turning Point Ministry 



1 Comment

  1. Dianne Almon said,

    February 5, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    Debbie Harris is a blessing to everyone that she comes in contact with. Her words come from the way that she lives! Knowing her personally, makes her poetry even more special, as I know the author not only wrote the words, but lives them everyday.

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