Outline of Book

Have you ever read Jesus’s words to the seven churches in Revelation chapter 2-3  and cringed, wondering which one represents your way of worshipping Him? If so, this book is for you.

Its ten poems lovingly challenge each of us to be honest with ourselves and our churches asking, “Which church am I?” Written in skillfully-crafted free verse, each poem is a poignant portrait of a modern day church that invites us to come inside and observe. Once there, we are challenged to examine our hearts by comparing what goes on with our own church experiences.

Come take a tour of:

  • The Legalistic Church
  • The Authentic Church
  • The External Church
  • The Social Gospel Church
  • The Aesthetic Church
  • The Rule Dominated Church
  • The Mega Church
  • The Church with a Critic
  • The Christless Church
  • The Persecuted Church

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